Living in Balance with Maharishi AyurVeda: Practical Therapies for Consciousness-Based Health


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    <h1>Living in Balance with Maharishi AyurVeda: Practical Therapies for Consciousness-Based Health</h1>

    <h1> By Robert Keith Wallace, PhD, Karin Pirc, MD, Julia Clarke, MS</h1>

    <h2> Softcover, 236 pages</h2>

    <h3>Published 2023</h3>

    <p> This book contains everything you need to know, from the perspective of Maharishi AyurVeda, to begin living a more integrated, balanced, and harmonious life. It communicates an understanding of the primary and holistic role of consciousness in your life in an accessible manner. Included is an explanation of what distinguishes Maharishi AyurVeda from other schools of Ayurvedic thought and practical guidelines to get you started on a healthier routine. The reader will enjoy the book’s systematic and comprehensive examination of essential concepts such as five-element theory, the three Doshas, the role of digestion, and the influence of time and the seasons on your health.</p>
    <i>“Finally, a highly readable and understandable discourse that not only distinguishes Maharishi AyurVeda from all the other Ayurveda books in the marketplace but also beautifully articulates the profound benefits of Maharishi AyurVeda.”</i> — David Lynch, Filmmaker

    <i>“A great achievement! Clearly demonstrates the profundity and power of reconnecting Ayurveda with its roots in the field of pure consciousness.”</i>
    <strong>John Hagelin, PhD, world-renowned physicist and President, Maharishi International University</strong>