Modern Science and Vedic Science – Volume 10, No.1


Volume 10, No.1


    A Vedic Science Based Poetics: Toward a New Theory of Literature, William Haney, Ph.D.

    Language, Self-Knowledge, and Maharishi Vedic Science: Grasping the Fullness of Literary Texts, John Flodstrom, Ph.D.

    Tracing the Path of Transcending: The Source of Creativity in Lope de Vega’s El ganso de oro, Frederick de Armas, Ph.D.

    Transcendental Speech and Poetic Expression in John of the Corss, Evelyn Toft, Ph.D.

    Juan Ramon Jimenez, Martin Heidegger, and Maharishi Vedic Science: The Experience of Being, Tim Ambrose, Ph.D.