THE MOTHER’S INDIA NAGCHAMPA Fragrances are the CLEANEST BURNING incense available, with a wide range of only pure natural aromatic gums, resins, wood powders, essential oils, and perfumes.  The key ingredient is a native Indian resin called Halmaddi from “the Tree of Heaven” which is revered for its metaphysical and medicinal values. These base ingredients are the purest in nature without chemicals or additives, just the real thing!

12 Traditional Indian Incense Sticks

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Agni, Amrita, Ananda, Aravind, Arjava, Atma, Bhakti, Buddha, Chakra, Dhyana, Frankincense, Ganesh, Govinda, Guna, Hansa, Joyti, Lakshmi, Lavanya, Lila, Lotus, Mauna, Meera, Moksha, Musk, Om, Oudh, Patchouli, Pavitra, Polo Santo, Purusha, Radha, Rishi, Sage, Sandalwood, Sattva, Sattwa, Shanti, Siddhartha, Triple Amber, Veda, Vishnu, White Lotus, Yajna, Yoga

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